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Join us for some Warhammer shinanigans!

uggs, Oct 21, 08 9:57 AM.
Some of us have been playing Warhammer Online lately and while it's got some things that have to be fleshed out, the PvP is really fun (and you can pvp at lvl 1).

Tons of RvR scenarios, castle seiges, public quests, etc. It's pretty cool guys... Would love to have you all join us, though I understand we can't all want to do the same thing here.

Sorry I haven't been around, but I've just been having a blast with WAR and haven't been able to get WoW installed on my new comp yet.

Hope all is well with you and yours, and hope to see you on Praag (destruction side) fairly soon!

If you do play the game, my toons are Fatalle, Uggs, Instigator and Uggz on the Praag server.


Saturday, August 2nd - Full AB (yes naked)

uggs, Aug 3, 08 2:40 AM.
Had a blast on Saturday, guys. Glad we pulled CT in and did that. Naked AB has been one of the more interesting things I've done at 39 lol.

Here's a SS from one of the 5 caps (still can't believe how they let us do this).

Wednesday Night PvP

uggs, Jul 31, 08 1:25 PM.
Good games to all involved guys. I had fun and seeing 19 Cyclone on at once was pretty cool.

I'll post some screen shots in the members section if/when I get some time.

Hoping to see a new horde guild or two coming over soon.

Warhammer Online - Let's get it on the radar

uggs, May 27, 08 1:37 PM.
Some of us have been talking about what may be next for us. Many of us have been playing WoW since it came out and are looking forward to finding something new at some point. Twinkie, myself and a few others have discussed Warhammer Onlin and will probably go that route when it comes out (some time in the fall).

If you're interested and you'd like to partake in a new endeavor with us, this could be fun.

Grand Master Veill

uggs, May 21, 08 12:57 AM.
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